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Thread: Rock Band DLC Problem

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    Rock Band DLC Problem

    I am running firmware 4.0 and have a 2gb SD card. I installed the 3 wads to get all the Rock Band 2 DLC to say "Purchased". I download from the Music Store and they always go to my Wii not to the SD card, even with the SD Card mode on. I can only fit a few on my Wii, so I download what I can and then move them to the SD card. The problem is when I play tour mode and use the DLC it saves my band to the Wii and at 300 blocks a pop. Does this post make any sense? If anyone understands what I'm talking about I'd love some help or will be glad to clarify if someone has any ideas but doesn't fully understand my dilemma.

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    Try a different SD card

    try to see if you sd card has really any data on it with this

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    Thanks for the DLC Manager. I ran the program and it didn't find anything but I had the files copied to the SD card. Any suggestions why its not finding the files? They work when I play the game. Thanks in advance for any help you can be.

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    How are u launching the game? usb/dvd
    Try a different SD card.

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    I am launching from a backed up DVD. I have tried two differnt SD cards and still the same issue.

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    Hey I get the same issue - Now from the readme it says:

    "I am sure I have an SD card with my DLC inserted, and have selected the root, yet refreshing sgows nothing. What do I do?
    -- If you are using a soft-mod, there really isn't much you can do. Since I do not condon piracy, my only suggestion is to actually buy the game. If your wii will not read a retail copy, then you will have to get it fixed. Then, when you run the retail copy, you WILL have to redownload all of your DLC again."

    Is this what needs to be done to getting the computer to read the files - again songs work fine in game

    DLC manager wont read files or find them?

    jimslade420: I don't think there is a solution - once the song gets in the wii memory the only way to get it to delete is exiting the song and remove Pay and Play in wii memory

    I think I have read that they will delete if using original disk not the back-up

    I ran out of space once and my save files wouldn't load anymore - I believe it's because it ran out of memory and currpted the file - dang

    Scotty Mac
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