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Thread: True Stealth Mode?

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    True Stealth Mode?

    I've been debating on buying a mod chip for 4 months now. After reading all the pro's and cons, it's down between Cyclowiz, and Wiikey. I heard a lot of good things about both, but on the sticky on this forum, there is a comparison chart... and it states that the wiikey does not support true stealth mode. What does this really mean? My biggest concern is with the internet, and one day having my system mysteriously bricked or stopped because somehow Nintendo found out. As of now, Cyclowiz is also winning based on the recent news on Mario Galaxy, and it's lack of support with wiikey.

    I would like to connect to the internet and play games online. Does the cyclowiz have any issues with this? Are there any modifications that can input a switch to turn off the modchip when not needed, and surf online safely? A few months back I saw some people modifying their chip in a little plastic thing that connects when used, and detached when not used... but I can't find the link anymore.

    I bought my wii on release date, so it should be good to go with any of the older chips.

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    My shop told me cyclowiz has no recovery disc and i dont think real stealth is important so i took the wiikey as it has a lot of features.


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