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    Just started

    Hello all.

    My Wii is now equipped with a fully-operational softmod and a bunch of backup games; I use them via the latest version of USB Loader GX + forwarder and, playing with its setting, I can usually play with any of my games.

    So where's the problem ?

    I softmodded my Wii using a guide and some applications found on a torrent site, but reading these forums I see that many other modifications can be done to improve the console.

    I need an applications which can tell me the actual configuration (i.e. the current version of any IOS) of my console, to know the starting situation I'm now in.

    Since some kind of basic knowledge is also needed (and the tutorials don't help too much as they give too many things for granted), I then need a glossary of terms to understand the meaning of words line IOS, IOSCORP and so on.

    So, using the other tutorials contained in this forum, I can start improving my Wii.

    Any hint ?

    Many thanks

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    Well, the general rule is, if it ain't broken don't fix it!! So, don't touch your wii unless a game comes that you cannot play! until then, enjoy your Wii

    For sterters, you are right that you have to read and understande the guides!

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    ios - modules of the wii's firmware (Input Output System)
    cioscorp - a collection of hacked ios'es re-introducing some favourable bugs

    good sources of information:, and
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