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Thread: About to buy a used Wii and a DriveKey

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    Question About to buy a used Wii and a DriveKey

    I have been looking around wiihacks for hours, trying to figure out how all these chips work and which ones work the best. I want to avoid soldering.

    I am under the impression that:

    * DriveKey has 99% or more of all the features of all the other chips toward the goal of making Wii and gamecube backups boot and play without problems.

    * Homebrew is a scary thing that will end in me bricking my Wii if I am not extremely careful (I'm not sure how to manage this yet).

    * (I'm not sure if I can use homebrew if I get is a DriveKey as opposed to another chip...)

    * I can update Wii without fear of bricking it, as long as it's not from a game disc.

    * If I follow the above points, I will not brick my Wii and everything will be OK!

    Please correct me if I'm wrong or fill me in on any important items that I've missed! Thank you!
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