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Thread: Where can I buy Wii games?

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    Where can I buy Wii games?

    Since my web speed isn't that great and I don't really want the hassle of finding the right software to burn all this amount of discs, does anyone know of any places in Toronto, Canada, that sells Wii discs? I heard they were around $2-3 each right? As long as it is below $5 it's acceptable by me, I would pay it just for the convenience. I bought some discs when I was on vacation and they even had the disc art, which looks really neat.

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    Thumbs down Asking for leads to BUY burnt games????

    real smart//

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    I don't believe in buying "burn't games". If you want great, new & fresh games we need to support the people that develop them.

    I do believe in buying them as inexpensively as possible. I always research games online at comparison sites before buying on the web or in the store. I usually buy online because you can avoid shipping and tax (something I do like to avoid) much of the time. Here's one of my favorite place to find good prices on wii games. They show 410 items to choose from and 16 are priced below $10.


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