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Thread: help me plzzzzz

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    help me plzzzzz

    I hav a question about my wii.

    ok My wii FW is 4.1J.and my wii have modchip.
    I have homebrew channel and backup launcher.

    I just download mario kart(PAL). And I play it on backup launcher, it works but it color is black and white and picture blink all the time. I don't know how to do this. then I try on normal wii load game.It say error 001.

    But when I try Wii music, it work perfect.

    what I have to do thank you

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    You are running a PAL game on an NTSC-J system. That is why the picture is in black and white and scrolls. You need to force NTSC or convert it to NTSC to play it. Tv's set up for NTSC signals cannot accept the PAL signal as it has more lines being rendered.

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    thank you but Can you tell me how to force NTSC or convert it to NTSC.

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    Try the options on NeoGamma there must be a "Force NTSC" option


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