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Thread: Preloader bricks Wii

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    Preloader bricks Wii

    I've got a downgraded to 3.2U Wii and every time I install Preloader it bricks the Wii. I can recover it by reinstalling the system menu and IOS50(?). I'd really like some kind of fail safe on the Wii before I start patching the system menu.

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    Bootmii is kind of like preloader, it boots up before the system menu, it allows you to back up your nand (wiis memory) and access the homebrew channel. You can find it at Make sure you install it as boot2 though. If you install it as an ios its not much good of a fail safe.

    Hope that is what your asking for.
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    sorry, already tried bootmii and its an ios only, no boot2

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