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Thread: hello does anybody know how to install start patch on a us 4.o

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    Us hello does anybody know how to install start patch on a us 4.o

    i wanted to play all region games

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    Do you mean StartPatch?

    I installed that a few days ago on my US 4.0 Wii I'll show ya how to do it, it's really simple:

    Download this app and put it on your SD card: StartPatch 4.0.61_USA.rar

    Launch the app, follow the commands, I forget what it says but it'll say like "You are responsible for what happens" blablabla just continue...

    Then there should be a list and it should be yellow font, these are patches that you can install

    Select the patches you wanna install (So since you want all region games select it)

    Once you've selected all the patches you want press "Save" or "Patch" (I forget which one it says)

    Sorry this seems a bit misunderstood I don't really remember what everything said and I don't have my Wii atm so I can't double check for you, so I advise you to use these as guidelines instead of direct steps.

    Good luck!

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    You might also want to check preloader out...

    See step 4 of this guide:

    this guide

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