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Thread: memory card files

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    memory card files

    after i have installed the files onto my wii, can i delete them from my memory card?
    do i need to keep my memory card in my wii at all times or can i just remove it and just put it back in when i want to install something.

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    Hi wiileet,

    Probably need a little more info. If you are referring to installing wads, once the channels are established in Wii memory, you will not need the SD any further. Same goes if you performed a cIOS update. If I didn't guess right for your specific condition, please re-post with some more clues.

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    yes that what i meant. i been doing the twilight hack for friends and been leaving the memory card in for them everytime, from now on i will install everything they need then remove the memory card.

    thank you


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