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Thread: Orcarina Cheat Device

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    Orcarina Cheat Device

    OKay, i have Orcarina, and the .txt files with everything they come with.

    what do i do now?


    i used the Homebrew Browser to download Orcarina and the cheat finder one for the Orcarina, but it saved as .txt and i have no idea how to make them work.

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    You have to use code manager, a program for the pc, to select which codes you want to use and place them in the right spot on your sd card as well as convert them to the right format.

    Ocarnia with Code Manager
    Download that ^^^ and use the code manager inside to open up your .txt files
    Then click the box to the left of the cheats you want to use
    If it says the codes have them... click yes
    When you are finished make sure you have the sd card of choice inserted into your pc and click export to gct
    Then the codes should work
    If I helped you out, Please Thank me vvvv>

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    or if you have internet on your wii you can just use these two apps with your favorite way of loading homebrew
    Code Downloader
    Cheat Manager

    so there is no confusion just make two folders in the root of your sd card one called 'codes' the other called 'txtcodes' then you dont have to take the sd out of the wii you can just start code downloader from hbc and look for what you want and click on it. then you open cheat manager to set what codes you want active and press 1 to change it into a .gct file.

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    Okay I got them to work thanks a ton,

    Now..... For CoD5 ...why do the codes not work online? Im not using them against anyone but my friends, who tk me in halo. HCTD here I come. MUWHAHAHA I'll PWN YOU CASEY AND CHA- er.... heh Help anyone?

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    hey im trying to get the ocarina on my homebrew channel how do i do it


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