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Thread: bootmii and cioscorp

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    bootmii and cioscorp

    Hi all, if i was to run bootmii and back up my nand flash chip and then install cioscorp 3.3, could i run bootmii at a later date to restore the nand back to its backed up state (as it was)before i installed cioscorp? If not where could i get the origanal ios files as i don't have wifi on my wii and all my wii games are on a external hdd.

    I haven't installed cioscorp yet but i am considering it as i am having no luck getting game cube backup loader 0.2 or wii backup loader 0.3 gamma to work.

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    Try NeoGamma as a backup loader, it's newer than what your using. It's almost necessary for some games. I use a USB Loader and all my games load fine.

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    Many thanks i decided against cioscorp and have installed neogamma r7. It does the job great.


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