I have an old 5.5g ipod and am trying to get it formatted. I have gone through every forum and post to try everything but to no avail. I have even tried the hp formatting utility but it tells me device is write protected when I try to use it. The closest I have come is a post on another forum about using a code to compile a special version in ubuntu that is supposed to work. I downloaded ubuntu and tried to enter the commands but I am not that familar with linux. If anyone knows anything about linux or how to format my ipod, I would be grateful.

Here is the code
To compile WBFS to work for the iPod, run the following command from the root of the WBFS source.
find ./* -type f | xargs sed -i '' -e 's/512/2048/g'

but when I enter it I get this error:
ubuntu@ubuntu:~/linux-wbfs-manager/libwbfs$ find ./* -type f | xargs sed -i '' -e 's/512/2048/g'
sed: can't read : No such file or directory