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Thread: 4.1U/E Themes + MyMenuify GUI

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    4.1U/E Themes + MyMenuify GUI

    ***These instructions/downloads are not endorsed by Wiihacks***

    For up-to-date instructions and downloads, please look here:

    If you have BRICKED, please make a NEW thread here: BRICKED Wii Issues ONLY


    here is 40 themes for NTSC-U

    4.1U themes (40 total) NTSC-U.rar

    Here is 26 Themes for PAL 4.1e

    26 Pal 4.1 Themes.rar

    Here is the tool you need.

    Step 1 : Create a folder in /apps/ named MyMenuify

    Step 2 : Rename mymenuify2.dol to Boot.dol and place it in the MyMenuify Folder you created in step 1

    Step 3 : Create a folder in SDROOT named Themes

    Step 4 : Extract a theme downloaded from link above to Themes

    Step 5 : Launch MyMenuify and install desired theme

    Enjoy! and if you download anything i post please push the Thanks button!
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    so this will work on any 4.1U wii? and by theme, the system menu or the homebrew channel?
    Im so pro at mario kart.

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    they are .csm Custom system menus all ntsc-u are tested
    download the 4.1u one and try one out, the original is there if u wanna go back at any time

    The 4.1E or Pal are untested please someone with brick resistant wii's test the pal ones and report if all are working properly thanks
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    How come it says i need to retry al the time please help!

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    So this will only work on a 4.1 Wii? Not anything earlier of a firmware?

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    adorei mesmo esse pack com varios temas para o meu Wii, só estou rezando para dar certo

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    Do i need to install softmii or no because softmii always bricks my wii

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    my internet for the wii is currently down.... Do i have to select a network install for this app or does it do it straight off the sd card? i dont want to start the install unless im sure of this before i start... thanks tho, looks like a nice addition.

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    so , does anyone who has installed this know if i need a net connection to do this or what.

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    Just tried the Ghostbusters PAL - worked fine.
    The Jay & Silentbob has messed up my wii though - msg "The system files are corrupted. Please refer to the Wii Operations Manual for help troubleshooting".


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