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Thread: USB Install Game

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    USB Install Game

    I got my pen drive to work properly with the WBFS drive, formatted the entire USB drive in that way, but I can't install games to it with the Wii. Not sure what the problem is either since it doesn't give an error. I can put games on it from the computer, adding isos to it via WBFS manager, and also load the games from the USB, but when I try to Install from a DVD, it just shows the Time remaining and Percent Completed at 0:00 and doesn't move at all. Any suggestions?

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    Try other USB loader... for example "Ultimate USB Loader GX" or the new "Wiiflow"

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    And check what cIOS Version do you had installed!!

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    Not sure how to check the cIOS version, but I tried with multiple loaders and none worked. How to check the cIOS and which one do I need?

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    Apparently Neogamma displays the cIOS version.

    Other than that installing the latest cIOS38 rev14 will give ovwerwrite whatever you have and give you the latest.
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    Alright, it says I got IOS249 rev14. Pretty sure this is the newest version, but just would be happy if it installed a game.


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