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Thread: unbricking a 4.0 wii urgent

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    unbricking a 4.0 wii urgent

    hi all, i was messing around trying to get the usb loader on to my wii when i thin i was what you call banner bombed with a bad wad file that now instead of booting my wii it just displays an error message and wont do anything, i dont have a mod chip on it just soft mods. is there any way of unbricking my wii, will i lose my save games??? urgent help needed

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    Search in the tutorials for guides to unbrick..

    If you don't have preloader and bootmii as a boot2 (which i think you don't) then i am afraid that your options are limited...
    anyway see this post:
    You have more to worry about than losing your saves...

    If you have preloader then it's a different story, anyway provide us with a little more info next time ok?

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    sorry i relised i posted in the wrong part, but i have preloader, and after some screwing around i fixed it up. i had 2 problems first it would not read discs, second it was just displaying an error, both of which i fixed with some screwing around, if you dont mind me asking whats is bootmii

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    Bootmii is by team tweezer, Google it and you should find it. It is used to back up your NAND.

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    bootmii is a great bit of homebrew to have helps with brick recovery look it up and install it

    look on the wiibrew website


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