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Thread: MPlayer CE 0.75

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    MPlayer CE 0.75

    Copy the "mplayer_ce" folder into the "/apps" directory on your sd card and launch it via the Homebrew Channel. Do not rename the folder.

    Installation of the cIOS with/without Wifi
    USB 2.0: You need to install the USB 2.0 cIOS from here (Please note that this requires a internet connection). There is a offline instalation available, The installer is for Homebrew USB2 only, this will install IOS202 using base IOS60 and IOS36 automatically. You can select the IOS to use to do the installation, so you can select a IOS with the fake sign bug. watch it download, install incase it fails and returns to HBC, it should now install successfully. (IOS60 and IOS36 are downloaded to SD via the Nintendo's Update Server). We are using IOS60 as a base as there has been improvements in wifi. Those that install this cIOS do not require a DVDx instalation.

    Users without the fakesign bug cannot install the cIOS to use USB2: There is a work around for this but requires you to downgrade a certain IOS, to be able to place trucha into another. Trucha Bug Restorer is an application in which to get IOS with the trucha bug back on all Wiis (and new) with system menu up to 4.1. Usually the error codes -1017 and -2011 indicate that the trucha bug is required and missing. Make sure you understand what you are doing before using this. Only use it if you have an idea what the trucha bug is and why you need it).
    Once complete, Download the cIOS Installer for USB2 here and choose IOS36 as the IOS in the selection screen, then Press A to install, watch it incase it fails and returns to HBC, it should now install successfully.

    If you plan on updating make sure to install the cIOS and DVDx before updating.
    FTP support added (thanks to hax)
    NTFS support added for USB and SD (thanks to Shareese)
    SMB speed improved
    Hopefully finally eradicated the freezing bug
    Fixed noise bug when loading another stream Downloads - mplayer-ce - Project Hosting on Google Code

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    hey dude thanks for this
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    Just wondering if anybody has this working without installing DVDX. I all ready installed DVDX quite a while ago, just curious.

    There is a new Hermes installer, it now installs IOS60 with IOS38, if anybody is wondering.


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