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Thread: A good guide?

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    Ca A good guide?

    Alright so I decided i should reformat my wii because it's really scattered and i want to start from scratch. Basically, I know that I should go down to 3.2 because thats best for playing backup games i guess. I have wiikey v2 and I tried GeckoOS and gamma loader before, but some games (rock band 2 + track packs, super paper mario, and a few others). What I want to know is:

    1) What kind of IOS + cIOS will I need if i downgrade to 3.2 to play my backups? (sometimes wiikey just doesn't do it, and ive updated it)

    2) I only have DVD+R and that might be the problem. I can either start buying DVD-Rs, or I've been looking into storing my ISOs onto my hard drive. What am I better off doing? -Rs or HArd Drive, which is more successful?

    Thanks alot

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    get cios38 r14 and usb loader gx, there is no need to downgrade (it could brick you if your wii is new) and get yourself some dvd-rs and neogamma for games that won't load through usb.


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