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Thread: 3.4U downgrade to 3.2 issue concerning HBC

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    3.4U downgrade to 3.2 issue concerning HBC

    Hey, I was in the process of downgrading my 3.4U wii to 3.2, following ChrisChown's guide. While steps 1-6 worked flawlessly, step 7
    Step 7 - Using the ‘Homebrew Channel’, open ‘Install Shop IOS51’. Say ‘Yes’ to installing the ‘IOS51’ and ‘Yes’ to patching a fix but ‘No’ to the ‘Wii Shop Channel’ (it shouldn’t matter if you install but it won’t make any difference). If it doesn't work the first time (116 error), keep trying. It may take a couple tries.
    had a bit of a hitch. Once I said yes, and yes it worked fine, then when I was prompted to say no, my wiimote conked out and i assume my wii did something along the lines of crashing. So, I turned it off and back on, only to find that HBC now no longer launches. This is a real bummer, because I really enjoyed having HBC. Any input and help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
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    Re-install HBC.......


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