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Thread: Need Help With A Nummber Of Things

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    Need Help With A Nummber Of Things

    hay people.
    i have a modded wii on 3.2e.

    1) i am wanting to burn games to an sd card or usb but i dont have a sd/usb thats big enough to fit an entire game on it (1 and 2 gb). Is there any program that allows me to download the game into parts.

    2) When i try to use dvd dumper 1.2, i insert the game and the sd/usb then it says something like "mounting device ..........................................ERROR. ANY HELP?

    3) We have changed out internet settings and when i go to test the connections for the new settings, it stays on the "testing connection" screen, any help?

    4) would it be wise to update to 4.0e? i have insttalled cioscorp and various other things which have added/changed alot of my isos.

    5)what is the fastest method of burning a wii game? i dont have an lg drive and am not planning to get 1 lol.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    In general the reason to install cIOSCORP is to run your backed up games using the disc channel. Is that function working for you? If not, it may not have successfully installed, cIOSCORP is up to version 3.3 now. cIOSCORP doesn't change a lot of your IOS's, it changed them ALL.

    -While all Wii game discs are ~3.7GB; using a front loader to copy onto a USB drive removes the extra bits with most games coming in between 1 and 3GB. Therefore some games should load under 2GB. You need to load from an original disc via the Wii to the USB. Better if you can used an external USB HDD though.
    -If you have changed your Internet settings, then you need to go into the Wii settings menu and enter the information and WEP/WPA info so the Wii can connect. It's not automatic.
    -To burn a Wii game without the LG to read the disc means you are downloading an ISO image from somewhere. You then need ImgBurn on your PC to burn the ISO image to a Verbatim DVD-R blank disc. Set ImgBurn to no faster than 4X.

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