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Thread: Is there anyproblem if I update my Wii?

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    Is there anyproblem if I update my Wii?

    Hi guys
    I've got a question regarding updating my Wii.
    See, I've got version 3.0 I think, pretty sure actually...
    And I've got homebrew channel and I run games using Waninkoko's USB launcher. Whenever I want to play a game that needs stuff updated, I just download the IOS the game needs.
    Here's the thing though:
    I already got the homebrew channel installed, and if I want to update my USB launcher, I don't really need to install anything (besides a cIOS probably) except copy and paste the new version on my SD card.
    If I update my Wii firmare to the newest version, will it be impossible to install new IOS or cIOS through the homebrew channel? Will the homebrew channel cease to exist? Will the WAD Manager, installer, or any other thing that I run through the homebrew channel stop working?
    Ok, I'll cut the crap, what'll happen if I update my Wii to the newest firmware?

    thanks in advance

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    Yes you can update but you might lose homebrew channel and if you want to start from scratch

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    i updated my wii from 3.4 to 4.1u no problems i had cios rev10 running at the time but now up to rev14 emu vc wiiware back up usb loader all work fine hbc still there to if u r scared u r gonna lose anything just
    install hbc- HBC Installer.rar
    reinstall cios- cios on any wii.rar
    then back to normal but on 4.1

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    Us need help with NeoGammaR7

    ok here is my problem,
    i have my wii moded and have rev 4.0u and i installed NeoGammaR7 but i get a message saying that NeoGammaR7 was made for rev 14 and i have rev 13
    that i need to update my cios
    but how do i go about doing this do i just update my wii or will i brick it if i do that?
    thanks in advance

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    Who said anything about updating your Wii?

    You simply need to update your cIOS, which you already alluded to. Grab the cIOS 38 rev 14 installer from my mediafire (click my signature) and use that to update your cIOS.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    ok im not sure if im doing this right since im new to this and im still trying to learn.
    so what i did is i downloaded a file named cIOS38_rev14-Installer i extracted using rar and it showed this file named IOS38-64-v3609 and a folder named
    so what i did was i put the file IOS38-64-v3609 in the wad folder located in the root of the sd card and installed it using wad manager but, i still get the message saying the im using rev 13 and that NeoGammaR7 was made for rev got stuck i dont know if im doing it right or if im doing something wrong.
    any help will be appriciated.
    thanks in advance.

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    DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man don't go around telling people to uninstall ioses lower than 200!!! do not even change it!! leave it be!!


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    i dont see the cios38 r14 installer anywhere in the hbc
    i got lost so i just better leave it alone before i end up messing it up.
    but thanks alot for your help i do appriciate it.

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    get this pack (thanks to dogeggs), unzip the contents on sd and run homebrew again, you will find it this time

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    The cIOS Installer folder needed to go into the apps folder on your SD card. I didn't think it necessary to mention this as you already had cIOS38r13 installed and must have done it somehow.

    The wad file included in the installer is a specially modified custom IOS which accompanies the installer and will replace your r13 with r14 but must be installed to IOS249, that's why it has an installer.

    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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