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Thread: Xbox 360 Mod?

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    Xbox 360 Mod?

    i was just curious if the xbox 360 can be modded to play backup dvd-r's?

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    It can, but AFAIK not with a physical mod chip.

    You have to open up your 360 and use a sata cable or sumfin' and flash the DVD player the 360 has in it with one of the hacked firmwares.

    Here's a link to how to do it, I don't know if it's still up-to-date, but have a look anyway to get an idea:

    Xbox-Scene News: Xbox360 DVD Firmware Hacked - Video

    Beware though, if you don't stay on your toes and have your firmware always up-to-date, there's a chance the Microsoft will ban your XBL account.

    Also, if you don't want to keep opening your 360 up to flash your firmware drive, you can always buy this:

    Blaster 360 Xbox 360 Blaster360

    There's also many other add-ons besides the blaster 360:

    xbox 360 mod chip xbox360 modchip modchips mod chips globe 360 nme-360 nme 360 blaster 360 xeno top gear x360 usb connectivity kit blaster360

    Hope I was of some assistance.

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    Man that was great info. thanks a bunch. seems like it's just better to hit up the blaster 360 anyway right. can u still do the mod like the original xbox was with the harddrive and just copy games to the harddrive?

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    no you cant run games from he hdd unfortnately but give it time and a proper modchip will be out for the 360 but at the moment all you can do is run back up copies
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