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Thread: Bricked!!!!!

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    Hi all,

    Cut a long story short. USA Wii softmodded to run from external harddrive. Girlfriend could not wait for me to get Sports resort, bought it (PAL) and used any region disc to run it. Obviously overwrote firmware with different region. BITCH!BITCH!BITCH!BITCH! sorry, rant over.
    Anyway, is there any way to recover? Only a black screen available.


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    restore the nand backup you made with bootmii when you first hacked the wii.

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    ya restore the nand back up if u dont have 1 u need preloader and reinstall your system menu or use anyregion changer to do it

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    Thanks for the replies guys. i dont think I have a NAND backup saved and all I have is black screen on switch on. No hardware operation either - well and truly f$ed!!. If I load preloader onto SD will it boot after switch on?
    Cheers Guys

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    If you have neither Preloader nor Bootmii as a boot2 then you have a problem you will have to do the modchip/modded GC controller and get yourself this boot disc trick.. search the forum there are some guides there:

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    Just a quick update.

    My mate has a wasabi modchip (don'y know which version but it is solderless). I am going to install this later and try the recovery disc. So hopefully fingers crossed. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to which files I will need to create the disc?

    Cheers for your help up to now

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    Ok just a quick test, try loading preloader by swiching on while holding reset button... If that does not work, then you have a real problem

    PS ijust saw it, you said there was no corrupt file message, just black screen? that means that you have a real problem. If the above method did not wiork, then you most probably have to send it back to N for repair,,, it is going to cost you though... plus they will remove any moddings..

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    i previously tried this method... get a dongle.. and use the recovery disk boot into a working wii and then select save all. after that use the dongle with the non working wii and boot into the recovery disk and select restore choose the file you save.. and system menu will be restore. hopefully it will work...

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    Probably won't work with a full bricked wii, only bannerbricked... you are wellcome to try though

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    a full bricked wii mean that it boot up and go directly to opera error page?

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