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Thread: Help plz!!

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    Question Help plz!!

    i got homebrew on my wii 4.0U and the prob is tht i cant install the internet wad. People told me to downgrade and i am trying to downgrade it with anyregion changer. this is wat i got plz help if u can!!

    added the pics in the attachment. it happens most of the time 14/15 and some times 7/15 or 9/15

    X-fire Username: narutoninja12

    plz contact me tht way
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    if your wii came with 4.0 on it downgrading to 3.2 will brick it! so maybe it's a good thing that you are havin trouble...

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    it didnt come with 4.0 it came with 3.2. i had upgraded to 3.4 then upgraded to 4.0 cause i didnt have zelda but then i got it. I had updated to 4.0 so i couldnt do it but now i can.. ACtually i dont want to change it..... I got the inernet channel anyway! THX tho but i have another question..... do u have any u kno codes of COD 5 or Conduit.... WIFI codes. non-host for COD 5 and host and non-host codes for conduit... PZLZPLZPLZ

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    It's really clever posting your e-mail on a forum as popular as Wiihacks. It's not so clever asking for cheats, we don't like cheats very much.
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    Also, the PLZPLZPLZPLZ thing is very annoying and a sign of a true noob...

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