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Thread: having issue with softmii 3.0. help plz

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    having issue with softmii 3.0. help plz

    I looked all over and haven't found the answer yet (barelly found softmii 3.0 download).......

    Here is the issue after much research and work i have finally unhacked my 3.2u wii and updated to 4.1 and then hacked the 4.1u with preloader (thank god), homebrew (obviously), cios corp 3.3, everything was working as it should, but then I tried to install softmii tweaks that i was using on my 3.2u and it did nothing. so i found softmii 3.0 tweak toy and downloaded and installed it. after not finding the softmii menu files to go with it i idiotically decided to use the old menu files I had with the last release. so i did just that and when the wii restarted, instead of having a custom theme, it starts and shows nothing but a black screen so i rebooted into preloader and ran the softmii 3.0 tweak again and tryed to install the original one i had and it loaded back to a black screen again.

    are the new softmii menu themes in a new format or is my wii in a new format than the old? if so where can i download the original menu theme so that i can reinstall it? should i not use this crap anymore and go with mymenufy that i have seen floating around here?

    plz help figured everything else out, but i am not a pro and need my wii to work again b4 I have to listen to my wifes crap about screwing with my wii in the first place when the 3.2u setup was working fine!!!



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    Why would you use SoftMii? Anyways this sounds similiar to something my friend to his system and it is currently being fixed by nintendo. If someone suggests a fix for this be very cautious as you may end up having a system that can only load preloader and nothing else. Best of luck to you....

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    your basically saying you bricked your wii?


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