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Thread: About to Install Wiikey2

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    About to Install Wiikey2

    Hello everybody. I have been doing alot of reading on modding before I just jump into it. I am about to install my wiikey2 with the clip. The only question I have is, do I have to keep removing the chip before I do an update? I read that certain updates can detect the chip and brick the system. I guess the question I have is, what do I need to do, or not to, to make sure I do not brick my system or get locked out of the online feature. What do I need to know from here on having this? Thank you very much for your help in advance.

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    I didnt have to remove mine when updating from 3.2 to 4.0. I may be wrong but I didnt think a firmware update could disable a hardmod (i.e WiiKey2, etc). Softmods on the other hand are susceptible to firmware upgrades.

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    Yeah you don't need to remove modchip to do updates. There have been no updates that will render the modchip useless.

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    Chips arent affected by system menu updates only softmods are.

    Becareful not to bed any pins when installing the wiiclip

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    Hey all, still a rookie!, i got a wii console from the US with 3.4 system, i ordered the wiikey2 chip which i know works with my d2E chipset, anyway, i sent the wii to my friends at a professional electronic cente for fixing stuff, anyway, i gave them the istructions on what to solder and they did a pretty good job, BUT, the wii played ORIGINAL PAL GAMES, and ORIGINAL & BACKUP NTSC games,{{NOTE!!: i played TONY HAWK PROVING GROUNDS which was PAL, the wii drive recognized it and activated its menu but wouldnt load}} but couldnt play other PAL Backups, so i thought there was somethin wrong with the soldering, i sent it back but personally observed the soldering on the chip, it was excellent[i know becasue am an engineering student] and very acurate!, any way, they had soldered 8 wires, but i found out that D,E,F connections they connected were unnecassary because the sticker on back of the chip wasnt white, so we disconnected them, anyway when i got back home thinking i solved the whole thing, nothin workss!!!!!!! except for original NTSC games, even the TONY HAWK DISC wouldnt be read....... i dunno what to do know, the repair guy would kill me if i told him to resolder those threee connections, i know that this might be the longest message ever posted but i really dont know what to do thnx alot

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    Your Wiikey2 might have needed the 3 extra wires installed unless you know it was a v2 with the hightest firmware 1.2 already installed. Is there a yellow sticker on your Wiikey?

    Also, attaching a picture will help a lot.

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    Well yes its kinda yellow, or yellowish grreen [phosphoric color], i'll try to provide pic, does the yellow sticker indicate somethin? thnx for the reply!!


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