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    Question Please Help

    Hi!, greetings to everyone. I'm new at this and hope you can help me, I'm sorry if this topic has already been tried before.
    I unlocked my console using software without any problem, I have installed Homebrew and it worked all perfect. I upgraded to Ver 4.1U and now I can not play Guitar Hero nor Rock Band nor Sing it! Etc. because despite the console reads all disks it does not recognize the instruments. I was told to downgrade to 3.2U, I did it but nothing happened, I was told that because I did the upgrade the system fails to recognize the USB ports, the last thing I found out is that the guitar the guitar I own is "too old" (Rock Zero V for GH and RB) and is unable to be compatible with my console (LU63) once I upgraded version. What's true in all this?, Is there any way to solve this problem?
    The Wiimote and all my other games run perfect.
    I really appreciate your help.
    Best regards.

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    hey this will solve your issues with rock band and GH


    Install all wads 1 by 1. DO NOT INSTALL CIOS60BF.wad UNLESS ur system menu is 4.X and if you have PRELOADER installed , reinstall it after u install all the wads and your rock band will work across disc channel (and so will all other games.)

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    OK thc, thanx for the info. Any possibility to brick my Wii installing all this?
    I am new at this so I will appreciate a little more help from you. I understand I do have to install all wads 1 by 1 through the HBC. My sys menu is ver. 4.1U so I should install CIOS60BF after installing all another wads, what happen if I don't install CIOS60BF?, what's Preloader?
    Thanks in advance.

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    cIOSCORP is on v3.3 currently yet you must read everything about it before you decide to install it... try searching the forum for similar cases with rock band and so


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