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Thread: Need some help with issues I am having

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    Need some help with issues I am having

    Anyone, I need your help in determining what I am doing wrong. I am at a loss. Here are is my Wii information:
    - Model # RVL-001 (USA)
    - Serial = LU324079003
    - Version = 4.0U
    - Chipset = GC2-D2C

    I finally received my Solderless D2PRO 9 ( for d2a - d2e chipsets, Wii Chipset - A. D2C / D2C2 / D2) in the mail, and watched the tutorial on YouTube on installing this mod chip on in my Wii. Installation was very easy when following this tutorial.

    I did test the chip before putting the Wii back together. When I connected power, the red & blue lights on the chip would blink real quick & turn off which I thought was a sign that it was working properly. I heard if those lights stayed on constantly, it would not be working properly.

    Anyway, when I put a normal authentic Wii disc in, it works fine. However when I put a Wii backed up disc in, none that I have tested will work. A friend of mine had a few that work on his Wii & I tried them in mine & no luck.

    I get one of 2 errors....see the 2 jpegs I attached.

    1) Am I doing something wrong?
    2) Can I run this chip with this 4.0U Wii version
    3) Did I get the wrong mod chip for this Wii? Should I have ordered the Wii Key 2

    Another issue is that when a normal Wii disc is in, you can hear the DVD drive spinning fine. When I put a Wii backed up disc in, I can hear a click when the drive is spinning every now & then? Maybe this is not a problem.

    In addition, can you help me answer these questions:
    1) Can I play Wii backed up games that are PAL (& not NTSC)
    2) If the game is Spanish, can I play this & will it change the language to English?

    Please help!
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    1) Is the first error appearing when the disc is first put in and it's loading it's attract picture for the disc channel?

    If so then you've done something wrong with the installation.

    2) Yes
    3) I think so.

    1) Yes, just watch out for updates when using the wrong region.
    2) Only if the game features multi language support. Most do.
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    Read around & saw that I should be using Verbatim DVD-R media made in Japan/Singapore at worst Taiwan. And I should burn with The Official ImgBurn Website at 4x.

    Did both of these & this solved my problem.

    Works great now.


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