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Thread: how to burn backups of backups

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    how to burn backups of backups

    Maybe a really dumb question, but I was trying to find a way to reburn my backups that don't want to play anymore. I had an issue with deadly creatures and thought it was because I semibricked my wii-which I'm still trying to figure out in another post. I reburned the iso and it works. I want to reburn the other games that aren't working and see if that is the same issue but I have deleted the iso's. It takes me forever to dnld the files due to slow connection so I want to try and read them with my mac somehow and just redo if possible. I found a file called easy backup wizard but I can't find a free version to at least try. Any one had the same problem? Thanks for any advice. I also haven't had any replies on my semi brick, double channels, no settings post either if any one knows the way for me to go about that as well. Thanks for any insight!

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    You'll need one of the 4 or so special drives which aren't made anymore and a piece of software which probably won't run on macs. I hear the drives are available sometimes on eBay but are quite expensive due to their rarity. Even then if you have a truly bad sector or two on the disc then it'll not be able to recover.

    I've seen quite a few posts about these special drives on Wiihacks. Search is your friend.
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