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Thread: 2.xE Bricked Wii

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    2.xE Bricked Wii

    My wii is bricked with Metroid Prime NTSC-Update (don't remember what number of game, but it was the first released for the wii).

    I have a PAL wii with the first version of WiiKey, and i got i bricked when i was a 2.xE.
    The sources i have looked on tells me that i'm on 2.xE because i only get a black screen with Savemii.

    I was trying everything, untill i came over Dogeggs Brick Tips.
    I don't really understand the talk about this Drivechip, it's such a long time ago this brick happend.

    But the thing i need help with here is that i don't understand how i to install this Drivechip?

    The lines i've been following on Dogeggs Brick Tips is like this:

    1. A
    2. Preloader Installed? Preloader is uninstalled by installing a new System Menu
    3. No
    4. Twilight Hack in Wii Memory
    5. No
    6. cIOSCORP or drivechip installed?

    This is the place i don't know where to go.
    I can't tell if i have installed the Drivechip, but how do i installed it on a full-bricked wii?

    i'll be glad for some help.

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    You say you already have a Wiikey, that'll be your drivechip.

    Your Wiikey allows you to boot non-Nintendo disk and in this scenario would allow you to boot a brick fixing disc.

    However and this is a strong however you must be able to boot the recovery menu, a blank screen will not be sufficient. A successfully booted recovery menu will show your system menu revision in the bottom right of the screen as follows x.x(Eur) where xz is the version numbers. Mine would show 4.0(Eur).

    I don't think that savemii can recover a region brick, they generally only work with banner bricks. You could try though.
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