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Thread: wii dumper not working for me

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    Thumbs up wii dumper not working for me

    hi i used wii dumper
    and the sd and usb portion did not work
    the wifi did
    but i say its a big strain on the wii lens .. for the laser to read constant for like 2 or 4 hours is a big strain

    so I was wondering if there was a program for the wii that will read a wii game inserted into an external dvd burner and dump the image into a enternal hard drive . this would ease up on using the wii lens to read and dump the image over wifi.

    If there is a program for this
    let me know and tag it here
    if you could that would be GREAT

    the guys who write software for homebrew
    I have the ut most respect for them
    and thank them for their hard work

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    And also a question about dumping wii image onto the computer
    I used clone cd
    it worked using an external dvd burner
    but when i get the files
    there are 30 separate files plus the image file that is a bout 800 bytes
    how do i burn them all or shrink them to the dvd standard format
    4.36 gig

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    just get the file superdump 1.3.dol place it in a folder named superdump, then place the super dump folder in to the apps folder. your apps folder should be at the root of your sd card.

    For the noobies like my self who read these forums with people dumping games and burning them no problem but not being 100% clear how they did it, here is how i did it, step by step.

    Its best to use a 8gb sd card for this and mine is formatted to fat32.
    So once superdumper is in your apps folder, turn on your wii, insert your sd card and go in to homebrew channel. locate superdumper and load it. Once loaded, leave it how it is, making sure its set to sd card. when you load superdumper your dvd split size should be just over 3gb. click on A till you get insert disc. put game in you want to dump and press A. Now leave it to do its thing, should take about 15mins.

    Now to copy it to pc. (im the administrator on my pc so if you can do the same on yours? it helps)

    Take out sd card, load it in your pc. whe you open it you will see 2 bin files like for example RSWP_0 and RWSP_1 both are bin files, remove the underscore so it RWSP0 and RWSP1. Now copy these to the root of your C or D drive on your pc.
    On your pc click start, run then type cmd and as most of you all know a command prompt window comes up. If you are using the C drive type cd c:\ then press enter and you will get this c:\
    If you are using D drive type cd d:\ then enter and you get this D:\
    Now you are ready to put in your command to convert your bins to iso.

    Now type in front on c:\copy /b RWSP0.bin + RWSP1.bin (then the name of the game ending with .iso like this

    c:\copy /b RWSP0.bin + RWSP1.bin mario.iso or if on D drive
    d:\copy /b RWSP0.bin + RWSP1.bin mario.iso

    you will get a flashing underscore type thing like you do when you are about to type somthing. leave it be and when finished it will say file1 copied.

    all done now you are ready to brick block it then burn it to dvd.

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    Ive used raw dump before... but it only likes to dump gamecube games...
    it doesn't wanna work for wii games... any help

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    I have a Drivekey in my Wii. I want to backup games to play on it. I tried rawdump 2.1 it will not work for me. I followed all the directions in the tutorial posted on this site. Someone recommended superdump. I downloaded superdump 1.3 but it is just a file. (Yes, I am a Newbie) Since I don't softmod how can I backup games to be used on the Drivekey?? Do I still need to follow the step above?? Thanks

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    try Imgburn it can read the Wii disc and from there just extract the iso and have put in the hdd =)

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    i tried this program and its very fast!! i have a 16gb sdhc card and its working very well!! it took me 20min to copy a game! Thanks!

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    glad my one cent worth helped =)

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    Does anyone know what to do with the superdump file if you don't softmod?? I really want to backup games to be used with the drivekey. I have one of those IDE DVD-ROMS that read my original games but I have a 64 bit OS that may be in the way. I currently use imageburn to burn downloaded iso games which work well with drivekey. Unfortunately for me I can't find any downloadable iso games that are the same as the ones I own.


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