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Thread: Soft Modding Your Wii

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    Soft Modding Your Wii

    I put this together to help the new guys get started on how to soft mod a wii if anyone can make this file better please do so.

    i hope this helps.


    Sorry I guess i should list the files in here.
    * Usb Loader Gx v713 Installer - Installs Usb Loader Gx onto your SD Card
    * HackMii v0.3 Installer - Installs BootMii, DvDx, and Homebrew Channel
    * BannerBomb Hack - For Use With HackMii to Install Homebrew Channel
    * Elf to Dol Converter - The new Homebrew Channel doesnt use .elf they need to .dol
    * WBFS Manager 2.5 - For Installing Games onto a WBFS Formatted Drive
    * Rawk SD - For Custom Rockband 2 Songs
    * IOS37 Patcher - Use For Rockband 2 DLC Hack
    * sZAE.wad - Generation 1 Rockband 2 DLC
    * sZBE.wad - Generation 2 Rockband 2 DLC
    * sZCE.wad - Generation 3 Rockband 2 DLC
    * cIOS60.wad - Trucha Bug Patched back in
    * Wad Manager 1.5 - To (Un)Install Wad Files
    * cIOS38r14 Installer - Custom IOS by Waninkoko
    * Firmware 4.0 - Waninkoko's Custom 4.0 Firmware
    * Firmware 4.1 - Waninkoko's Custom 4.1 Firmware
    * Code Downloader - For use with Ocarina in Usb Loader Gx
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    You know there are guides in the tutorial section such as:
    That one works on ALL wiis.

    while that one only works properly on wii's with 3.4 and below because i'm pretty sure 4.0 and above need the trucha bug restorer.

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    i installed on 4.0 then upgraded to 4.1 and while i was still on 4.0 i installed the truch / ios60 .. its working but im not sure if its the best setup i just figured it would be easier for newbs like me to find the files..

    EDIT:: Sorry meant to say the ios60 in that rar has had the bug patched back in
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    got a question
    is there a way to use an external dvd burner in the usb loader
    that searches for files and plays them just like Mplayer ce
    if there is
    that would be awesome
    If not
    it would be very usefull to make one

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    as of right now i dont think there is but i did not make the loader you can however go to the site and read up on what they plan to add...

    Usb Loader Gx Link


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