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Thread: games used to work dont anymore.. please help!!!

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    games used to work dont anymore.. please help!!!

    i have a drive key brand new
    burned grand slam tennis...
    initially worked fine..
    now 3 min into the game, the "disc cant be read" screen appears...
    i used img burn, memorex dvds, 4x rate
    original games still work fine
    wii is updated to 4.1
    all features on the mod are set correctly

    some have said the wii needs to be cleaned
    some say the laser needs to be re-adjusted
    some say the media is the problem

    considering the game worked perfectly for the past few days....
    please give advice... thanks

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    Order yourself some Verbatim DVD-R. has them on sale for 21.99 with free shipping for 100 pack. I used to use memorex and it was a hit or miss.


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