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Thread: My Artwork

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    My Artwork

    Heres some artwork i've done over time. Some of its crap (imo) and some of its okay. I've been using photoshop for like 4 years (going on and off for long periods of time) it was proberly at my second year when i actually got good at it. I've got way more so i'll upload in a minute once i've got all these i'm doing now.


    Who here owns a tablet!!?!! ^^
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    what exactly is mario doing behind that yellow guy?

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    Heres more

    This one was all put together to show another forum of some of my works. The background too was made by me

    This was part of my college assignment, used 3dsmax. Still classed as art isn't it?

    Image was drawn by someone else off deviantart, i did the colouring

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    Quote Originally Posted by tristan View Post
    what exactly is mario doing behind that yellow guy?

    I thought it would be obvious

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    Good **** man. Thanks for contributing to the art section ^.^

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    Firstly, your render choice is poor, try to find renders that give flow away on first sight
    Second of all, try to include flow in your sigs as most of them are going inwards and outwards
    Also your render isn't clearly visible.
    Try not to majorly focus on effects.
    First focus on your concept, composition and flow then you'll get it right

    My final rating: 2/10 avergaed for all. Then advertise it on all of your sites, the more referrals you get, the more chances you have of becoming a VIP Member or getting an RS account from me!

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    Loved this one...Epic...Cheers!


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