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Thread: cIOS36 v14 & Harddrive Issue

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    Unhappy cIOS36 v14 & Harddrive Issue

    Hey since this is a mainly a software issue (I think) I beleive this post should go here, if not move it.
    Anyway short and sweet, I upgraded cIOS36v12 to cIOS36v14 and now my usbloader isn't reconising any WBFS partitions in my drive. Its still there as WBFS Manager 3.0 still reconises it, but my wii doesn't.
    Im going to back up everything on, then reformat it and try again (Eurgh). And will update later on the situation from there.
    Im just curious as has this happened to anyone else? Is there a reason this happened did I do something wrong? Any and all feedback wanted.

    So reformated put isos back on yadda yadda. Same thing didn't reconise it. Put it in the other USB port and works. This makes little sense to me but im going to accept it.
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    Firstly its cIOS38 rev 14 not 36.

    secondly IT DOES make sense as it does this for a reason. The Reason being PERIPHERALS go in the top port, drives in the bottom. The end.

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    Well this rule obviously isn't set in stone as it used to work in the top port then stopped when I updated. I already said I fixed the problem why bother replying?


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