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Thread: im so confused

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    im so confused

    i have several questions.

    i have a USA wii that i got modded from the store in 2008

    1) first of all im not sure whether i have wiikey, is there a way to check

    2)i noticed that i could play SSBB dual layer back up on my wii, does that mean i have wiikey.

    3) if i cannot play pal games on my wii, is this possible if i have wiikey version 1.9, or do i need 2.

    4) is there any other way to play pal backups on the wii.

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    Be very ... very careful playing PAL games on your system. If your machine isn't setup to block disc updates ... and you update your US NTSC console with an out-of-region disc, you're bricked.

    Just wondering, what PAL title are you trying to play?

    You can go to the official WiiKey site, download their .ISO (to be burned) utility discs and insert them into the machine. If you get a configuration screen, great! If not, you don't have a WiiKey.

    You can boot PAL titles via homebrew app "Gecko OS".

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    im trying to play ashes cricket 09 , but its only out in pal, and i dont think it will come as ntsc as north america doesnt play cricket.

    can i use gecko os, with system ver 4.0


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