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Thread: Homebrew went wrong. Help!!

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    Homebrew went wrong. Help!!

    ok so i have a wii 4.1u i installed dvdx, bootmii, and the HBC. i was following a tutorial for 4.0 n i hadnt noticed and in the tutorial it asked me to update without security to 4.1 or sumtyn and since i already had 4.1 from the original system update i skipped that then it said to install cIOS36 rev 9 i think then install IOS60 i skipped cIOS36 rev 9 because i didnt see it and i installed the IOS60 then when it told me to install the preloader v0.29 it said failed to get ROOT, current IOS(36) has fakesign buf fixed so then i look online how to play backups and it jus told me to install cIOS38_rev13 and use neogamma so i installed cIOS38_13 and when i try to play my backups on neogamma it says press A to confirm that you have an usb gecko in mem card slot 2 and since i dont have it i jus press an arrow on the d-pad then it says you are not using IOS249 if you know what youre doing ok, @all others: install a cIOS press any button to continue so i press nethingi put launch game on dvd den it says disc read error (1101) no cIOS.... sorry for making it so long i jus didnt wanna miss nething. i would really appreciate someones help i was on this tryna make it work all day yesterday.
    Thanks in advance

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    That's a difficult block of text to read but I think you need to install a cIOS on your Wii, easy way tutorial link follows
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