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Thread: D2sun and issues please help

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    D2sun and issues please help

    Hi, this could be quite simple for someone that knows but i don't have a scoobie.

    scenario : one wii, d2sun v3, neogamma r7
    made the mistake of updating from 3.3e (all working great at the time) to 3.4e when i stuck in Wii sports resort (region? no idea). My UK version of wii did the update and i was able to play WSR. But, after a reboot many of my backups won't read. I get 'unable to read the disc' come up in the disc channel. Have downgraded to 3.2e now but no difference.

    However, neogamma r7 can READ ALL THE DISCS but not play them all - only the ones that show up in the disk channel.

    i have made a list of a few examples that don't and do run. Can any bright spark point me in the right direction please? it must be to do with regions?

    I got the codes in brackets from the games through neogamma7


    WII SPORTS RESORT (RZTP01) the culprit grrrrrr
    Resident Evil 4 (RB4P08)
    Mario Power Tennis (RMAP01)
    COD WOW (RVYP52)

    Not working anymore

    all come up with various dvd read error (example 1269)

    if i made a guess i recon the wii resort had an unpgrade but not for my region maybe... any clues please??? well desperate this end

    oh, and if i turn off the d2sun and try to load through a softmod then the system just hangs

    can anyone spot anything? please

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    Umm a guess but are the non working games scrubbed isos?
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Well, here the story that i know about one of the disks that DOES work -

    Heres the story.

    I got hold of WSR and burnt a copy having scrubbed it - it did not work. Got the thumbnail icon but running it just a black screen. I put this disk to one side and burnt another from an untouched iso and did not scrub it - this is when the wii asked to update and the update took me to 3.4e from the update file that would have been on the WSR disk

    Now, after downgrading to 3.2e the WSR 'i put to one side' that was scrubbed now mysteriously works fine. If i put in the other WRS it will want to try and upgrade me to 3.4e again.

    as far as the other games go i'm not sure what is scrubbed and what is not to be honest

    i used that 'dio-ios' thing and installed updated versions and thankfully now all my wads work again but the issue with many disks being 'unable to read disk' still fully exists.

    i'm well confused this end don't know what to do next.

    disk channel can't read many disks now neogammerR7 can read the disk and give me a correct code for the game yet will not play only stops with various error codes etc. I would though like no to have to use softmodd at all and rely on the chip only again. The chip still works as it's booting backups such as mario power tennis etc

    Thanks for your help btw

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    "Umm a guess but are the non working games scrubbed isos?"

    going by WSR which i scrubbed and is now working when before 3.4e update was not i can only guess the games are non scrubbed that don't work but not 100%... they were all working at one point though.......



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