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    NAND Help

    I followed this guide to mod my wii 3.2U version (Fully Softmod Any Wii (everything you need), HBC + BootMii + NAND + New cIOS + PreLoader + Backup).
    Make a long story short i forgot to backup my nand and when i got done i was not able to load my WII menu and the sofmod keep freezing when i start HBC.
    Can someone send me a nand so i can reload from bootmii. i used bootmii with boot2 and where do i find the key.

    the menu are.

    Homebrew Channel
    Installed File

    Load/Install File
    Systemmenu Hacks

    and bottom left it says

    IOS v30
    Systemmenu v353

    and the right it says

    preloader v0.29

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    Moved to correct(ish) section:

    A NAND from another Wii will not work as each Wii has it's own encryption key, something which can be hacked but is extremely difficult to do. More information about this is on the bootmii site.
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