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Thread: wiikey 2 semi brick, no settings menu and double news/weather channels

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    wiikey 2 semi brick, no settings menu and double news/weather channels

    I've had a problem playing a bunch of my backups and thought I would try to update firmware but can't get into settings menu. I've researched and realized I need to downgrade firmware. Did the asgard core disc and set region override and usa updates only. I use wiijunkies and always set to usa before burn. I don't have internet connection for thr wii and don't want to setup homebrew and gecko If not needed. Is there a way to to downgrade or upgrade firmware from disc. All backups worked great until I got an update thru a game somehow that messed it up. If I can get back to what it was earlier without installing a bunch of apps, that would be the best. Anyone have any pointers? Thanks! I don't care about the double channels but should probably deal with it and get my settings back so I can see what version I'm even at.

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    If its bricked you will need either a savemii or a drivekey and a dvd with the correct files on it

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    Thanks for the tips. Not too sure what a savemii or drivekey is but what would you recommend? Without internet access or homebrew channel which way should I look at? Thanks again for reply!

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    To do this you will need homebrew channel:

    To remove the duplicate channels use duplicate channel remover and if your wii is 3.2u or 3.2e then you can use starfall to fix the semi brick:
    Starfall - WiiBrew

    but since you're using a wiikey v2 read this before installing starfall:
    The WiiKey2 config/update disk may have problems do to some Starfall settings. Please remove the Update Blocker and Region Free (both GC and Wii) settings of Starfall as the WiiKey2 has the same settings.

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    Thanks for the reply, I finally had a chance to load homebrew, which went ok I think but I tried to find out how to install region changer and starfall. I put them on my sd card but homebrew channel just has bubbles. I'm not sure on the apps file location in root of sd. What would be the tutorial I need to learn this? Everything I look up has me already being able to load apps into homebrew, which I can't do. Boy I'm an idiot! I did try to look it up but I think I'm missing a simple first step! Help?


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