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Thread: SDHC homebrew?

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    SDHC homebrew?

    Hi everyone..
    Ive managed to load homebrew chanel into the wii and it shows me a list of my apps ive installed. However i cannot get the HOMEBREW BROWSER working.

    When it goes to initialize the SD it tells me it cannot initialize it. I have seen this posted elsewhre with no clear guide for success.

    I am using a 4 gig Patriot SDHC card and before this i was using another SDHC as well. Both cards were showing up ion the compatibility list on one of the other pages here.

    I have tried formatting in fat16 AND 32 just in case it was a format issue.

    I am pulling out my hair here.

    Does anyone know waht could possible be wrong?

    and no its not on lock
    and yes my wiiconnect24 is off.

    please help, i would appreciate it so much.

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    Even though your SD card might be listed on a compatibility profile, quality issues can affect you individually. Some cards just degrade more with use. Sometimes it's just your own Wii's personality ;-) In general, when it comes to the Wii it's a bit pickier than a PC.

    Try again but with either a SanDisk or the Nintendo branded SD. Sometimes just need to default to the more conservative 2GB SD not SDHC for Wii installs and once you have everything stable then try the SDHC, larger capacity, and other branded cards as you wish.


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