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Thread: 0.3 Back Up Launcher

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    Ca 0.3 Back Up Launcher

    Everything has been working fine up until tonight. When I click on Back Up Launcher it skips the part where I can force NTSC.. or any other options and goes straight to the game. If this is a NTSC game then it does not matter, however the PAL games are now black and white because I can't force NTSC. Anyone know how I can rectify this?

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    You should be able to access the config menu by holding "1" on the wiimote as soon as you load it the app or start the channel. If that doesnt work 0.3 is a bit outdated and you can try NeoGamma R6 just search it in the forums.

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    It works if you run the back up launcher and then insert the dvd. If anyone else has this problem follow this technique.


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