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    Hey all. Im still very new here so again I just want to say, great site, good work and all that jazz.
    Here's my problem
    Earlier today I had a hacked wii running 3.2u. I upgraded to 4.1u because I wanted to be able to run channels off my sd card. Well I got that to work to an extent.
    All this upgrading stuff started when I decided I wanted to run the dlc for ghwt. I did the shop channel upgrade thingy yesterday following the tutorials here and that worked fine. After I did my upgrade I checked to see that everything else was still in working order. USB Loader, HBC and wiiware was still fine. However some ( meaning all but 1 ) of my vc titles took a shit.
    I can load the wad of majora's mask just fine from either the sd or wii memory but everything else either simply goes back to the channel menu or hard freezes my wii now.
    Following another tut here did not fix the problem. I read somewhere that ios 60 had something to do with it so using the shop channel fix I ran both with and without trucha and still nothing.
    Im not sure if there's something that Im missing here like maybe use a cios other than 249 to install the wad or what. Any help would be greatly appreciated as my little girl will kill me if I cant get Yoshi's story working again.

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    Nothing? Surely Im not the only one.

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