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Thread: Quick question about contents of SD card after....

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    Quick question about contents of SD card after....

    Quick question about contents of SD card after HBC installation and so on and so forth...

    Can i take the boot.dol file off my SD card after i'm done with installation and stuff? Cause whenever i go to my SD card menu my Wii just freezes up and i think its do to the boot.dol file....

    And what else can I take off?

    I'm asking mainly cause after installing all kinds of VC WAD's my Wii says i have no more memory and it re-routes me to my Data Management area to free up some room and wont let me even access any of my Wii Menu at all it just re-routes me. Now i learned i can just my VC WAD's on my SD card and run them off channels in there but like i said it wont let me access that area off my Wii Menu.

    Thanks will be givin...

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    Yes you can take off the boot.dol but the reason why your menu is freezing is because the bannerbomb files are still on your sd card just delete the folder called private from your sd card.

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    Thanx much, appreaciate your help


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