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Thread: WasabiDX & Electrical Tape

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    WasabiDX & Electrical Tape

    I have seen it on this forum before and have spent the better part of an hour searching with no success. Somewhere, a post or a link to a set of pictures showing where and how you apply the electrical tape when doing a WasabiDX install.

    Anyone know the post I'm referring to? I just want to make sure I do the electrical tape trick correctly when I install my new WasabiDX.

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    Dont bother going to great lengths with electrical tape. The only reason tape is used is to protect grounding of the DX on other metal. The bottom of the DX should be already covered by a green sticker, so thats ok already, next what I do is cut a square of paper the same size as the DX, tape it over the front and round to the back at both ends leaving the DX loose but totally insulated front and back. I use the paper rather than direct electrical tape because its easier to remove cleanly for access to DX. Leaving it loose makes it easier to tuck it in when reassembling the drive to the main board, hope this helps.

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    I never noticed but, there does seem to be a bit of a green sticker on the back of my wasabi dx. That paper seems like a good idea. Unless it catches fire. LOL.. Thanks for the tip. I plan on doing this tomorrow.

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    Take the white piece of tape and just try to position it to cover the pieces of the chip that have metal on them. Try to cover the ones ones that would be most likely to touch the metal of the drive. Don't worry about the bottom of the chip. You can even use regular hardware store electrical tape to cover any parts that the included tape misses.

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    I never got a piece of white tape. I used black tape. What I did was tape the black tipe to each other, so there was no sticky side. Then folded over the chip and taped it shut. The sides were open. Once I folded over the black tape, I taped it to the metal, making sure not to cover that hole that looks like it was needed for ventilation. I'm not sure how snug the drive was before, but there was a slight bit of snugness when I put it all back together. However I looked at the inside 2-3 times before I finally tightened it down.

    I think I did an OK job, I don't think I made the covering of the chip too thick, but it's definitly covered all the way around, and taped in place so it doesnt move.

    Hope it works for a long time :-) I hate taking it apart.

    Several ISO's working on it so far. The load time is a bit longer and only one ISO I have tried seems to have a bit of a skipping sound problem.

    I did not have any verbatim DVD's at the two stores I went to locally so I used TDK DVD+R and for now they seem to be OK.

    Appreciate the help you folks have offered.

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    i just covered the whole thing with black tape and stuck it to the bottom, it worked fine on all 3 Wii's i have installed it to so far.


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