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Thread: Usb loader custom paths (gx)

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    Smile Usb loader custom paths (gx)

    Hi guys dose any one know how to change the cover download path in usb gx a lot of the covers are not on the server that its defaulted to and what to change it to, or even a source of game id codes with the artwork and i can manualy put them onto the sd card?
    Best regards Baz

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    One of the web site is CLICK HERE have a look around very small site, so should be np find the .zip files in PAL etc.. Baz the path for the SD card is:
    (SD) images
    (SD) images/disc
    Put the 3D .zip in images & the disc .zip in disc. Not to sure about the fullcovers.
    Hopefully this helps.

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    You could try manual downloads from I was looking into GX forwarder-that was a temprary fix for the cover DL problem, but the links don't seem to work anymore. Anyway, the problem with the cover DL is that some of the sites want to be paid. If you look at wiiboxart, there is a pay option, but still plenty of free covers too that I hope help you out.

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    Thanks You guys ill give them a look cheers
    regards baz


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