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Thread: Texture hack help!

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    Question Texture hack help!

    i need to know if texture hacks will work online/or are compatible if they are or can be,
    taking note that i am editing the game itself(the Iso) and replacing the texture of the characters.
    So ill have it on a copy of brawl dvd, not a cheat hack. Wait has this been answered somewhere?
    Searched brawl texture hack wifi compatible, zilch >_< Ħbleh!
    i think this might be a good thread for a guide or something along the sort
    If youd like help with this/ texture hacking and burning to disc let me know..

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    Textures do work online, but only you will see them. Not your apponent. unless your apponent has the same textures as you.

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    UGH! Well when I try to go on wi-fi every time after a couple mins in a battle (wit textures) It disconnects me from WFC D: plz some1 help D:

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