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Thread: Need help pleaze

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    Need help pleaze

    Iíve bought a hard modded Wii (I donít know the name of the modchip) all I know is that it was running version 3.2U when I bought it (if someone knows how to find out what is the name of the modchip, pls let me know)
    Iíve tried many games without problems. When I got to try ďPunch-OutĒ the system has asked to update the firmware first, Iíve hesitated but after speaking to some people I learned that I can apply the updates without any problem, because the console has a modchip and is not softmodded. I did update and I was able to play ďPunch-OutĒ.
    Now the firmware version is 3.4U.

    My question is: if I buy a new game (Ea Sports Active, exactly) would I be able to play it on this modded Wii? If the game asks for updates again, is it safe to update? and if it works, is there a possibility that the other games I have wonít work anymore?

    Iíd appreciate if someone can help me understand,
    Thank you

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    It's generally safe to update if you are running a hard mod, a fact you've already proved. A lot of the problems with updates caused, especially around here are due to software only modifications.

    If you decide to soft modify your Wii then you might have to rethink your strategy.
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    I dont think i will have to soft modd it, i only need to play games,
    are the 'PAL' games also playable with a modchip?

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    yes they r and yes u can update

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    If your only concern is being able to play DVD-R's, then upgrading the firmware isn't going to be an issue.

    If you wanted to install Virtal Console / WiiWare and other homebrew applications, the 3.4 and above firmware will not do. You have to be at the 3.2 max.

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