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Thread: Please help me install wiikey 1.9g!!

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    Unhappy Please help me install wiikey 1.9g!!

    Hi everyone, my first post!

    I've had my cloned wiikey in my Jap wii and so far every game has worked great, seemingly regardless of which brand DVDs I use. I never update the wii using discs, just wi-fi.

    A month ago I upgraded my wiikey to 1.9b. It was a small file, I burned it using Nero 6, and it 'padded' the disc so it took about 5 mins to burn all up.

    I've burned the 1.9g to the same brand discs, except I'm using nero 7 now. It only takes approx 1 minute to burn, as opposed to 5 mins for 1.9b. But it doesn't work in my wii, I've tried 4 times already (different media) and.. the Wii just makes clicking noises then tells me there's an error and I need to turn it off. My wii firmware is the latest, 3.03J I think.

    So in summary to upgrade to wiikey 1.9g:

    a) it is burned to a CD and not a DVD, correct?
    b) which burning software should I use? (I tried DVD decrypter and Nero 7), tried track-at-once and disc-at-once
    c) why won't it work? maybe the disc needs to be padded?

    Please help, thx!

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    You need to make the 1.9g disk the same way you made the 1.9b disk. The disk must be padded to the size of a Gamecube disk, so you will have to use a DVD. The Wii does not read anything smaller than a Gamecube disk. Nero 7 will work just fine for making the disks, just make sure you burn it as an iso. Once you get the disk properly created make sure to go through the disk twice before powering off your Wii.

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    wii_key 1.9g

    Could you give me more details on "pad the disk" to make the size bigger to burn into DVD. Thanks


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