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Thread: Guitar Hero on USB Loader

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    Guitar Hero on USB Loader

    I have a few Guitar Hero Custom games that I want to put on my USB drive and load them through a USB loader. It tells me that i can't have more than one game with the same name on the drive at the time. I think I have read where you can rename the games or something to be able to do this but I can't seem to find it. That is the way it usually is when you are not looking it is right there in front of you. So does anyone know if this is possible or did I just imagine it?


    Not really sure if I posted this in the correct forum though....

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    I too would like to know as I have 5+ customs in spanish, classics, etc...

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    I don't usually answer my own questions but I found a way to put more than one custom guitar hero on usb loader.

    The program TheGHOST will allow you to change the Disc ID.

    Load the iso into TheGHOST and click on the Disc ID button.
    The usual name for Guitar Hero 3 is RGHE.
    I leave the original Guitar Hero 3 with this ID and change the 2 letters in the middle as I want.

    RGHE = original GH3
    RZAE = custom GH3-1
    RZBE = custom GH3-2

    So all you need to do is change the letters just make sure it doesn't have the same Disc ID as any other game on your USB drive because it can cause problems.

    You can get the program at the site below.

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    I definately understand that you have to use TheGhost to accomplish this. I've tried but haven't been able to make it work. The software comes with several .exe files:


    I'm assuming you use the TheGHOSTWiiIsoTool.exe program because it is the only one that refers to an "ID".

    But, i can't get the iso to load into the software... or I'm not sure what fields should be filled out.

    Can someone please give me a step by step through this process... PLEASE!
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    anyway... please?


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