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Thread: Wii not reading backup game

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    Wii not reading backup game

    Hello, I just downloaded 2 games from two diff sites. first game is the wii fit and second was tin bowl alley 2...i extracted them and burned them to sony dvd+r using IMGBurn (which does not give me the option to change book type to dvd-rom) and even tried Nero as well. my wii is softmod with ver 4.1u,ios35, using backup loader to load comes up like it wants to start,but only gets the black screen. Am i missing a step? thanks in advance.

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    Could just be the discs you are using. It is recommended that you burn onto Verbatim DVD-R discs. Try and see if that fixes your problem. Also burn rate should be 1X, no faster than 4X. Some folks can use IMGBurn and be very cavalier about the discs and speed, but when you have problems it's best to revert to the standard recommendations.

    This depicts the IMGBurn settings Hope this helps.

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    install a cios.. like cios 38 rev 13(a) or rev 14! and use dvd-r ...

    when u install cios make sure u install as ios 249

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    is there a tutorial for that? where to change my cios? If i'm not mistaking, I would then have to re-hack the whole wii again? I am new so I want to make sure I don't brick my wii. I learned to hack from a youtube vid.


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